Formulated exclusively for use with SPARTACOTE coatings and sealers, SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE are available in an ultra-low VOC solution which is capable of being diluted in either water or acetone. Unlike dye powder concentrates, SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE are ready for immediate use in a variety of decorative concrete applications. These products are intended to be used in SPARTACOTE STAIN™ and SPARTACOTE STAIN PURE™ decorative coating systems from SPARTACOTE. SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE can be applied directly to prepared concrete, polished concrete or polymer modified overlays. SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE create exceptional translucent color effects that are similar to reactive concrete stains. Available in 15 different colors with unlimited versatility, SPARTACOTE VIVID DYE offer a viable solution for an array of decorative concrete projects.Ficha Tecnica